Every Sunday morning, everyone is invited to sing with us as we worship the Lord with a variety of songs led by our all new Worship Choir. After the singing, we continue worshiping by Praying for our needs, Receiving the Tithes and Offerings, Greeting one another & the Preaching of God's.Each week, we offer an invitation to accept Jesus Christ as Lord & Savior.

We welcome everyone: Rich, Poor, Black, White, Gay or Straight, because we recognize that Jesus died on the cross for all mankind and we all have fallen short of His glory. However, while we welcome all people, we will not water down the Gospel for them, we will continue to preach God's Unconditional Love and Sin's Ultimate Destruction for those who reject repentance. Our job is to love one another, and we let the Holy Spirit do the rest.

BABY STEPS NURSERY (newborn to 3)

Every Sunday morning, our nursery opens at 10:15 and will accept newborns to 3 years old.  We offer playtime, bible stories, worship  songs and excellent child care.  We love our babies and look forward to helping them make their first Baby Steps towards Christ.


Every Sunday morning, we host a fun and exciting Kids Church, Quest Kid's Church, for ages 4- taught by a wonderful staff of loving teachers and teenagers as helpers. Your children will learn scriptures, worship, Bible Stories and experiment with games and crafts.


Every Wednesday night, after our Family Dinner together, we enter into a time of Table Top Bible Study and encourage everyone to participate with reading, discussion, asking questions and sharing insights as we study God's word together. Everyone is invited to attend our Bible Study from 7 pm to 8 pm weekly.


Every Tuesday afternoon, except 5th Tuesday's, we open our 'King's Kabnet Food Pantry' for those in our community in need of once-a-month food assistance. We receive food provided by Mississippi Food Network and everyone must qualify according to Mississippi regulations. Applications are handed out and food boxes can be picked up from 12:00 - 12:30 ONLY, NO EXCEPTIONS! 

We also provide prayer and ministry for those with spiritual and physical needs. Food provided from Mississippi Food Network is the ONLY assistance we can provide: No Cash, Gas, Medical or Bill assistance available.

We open our doors around 10 am and hold a Community Time of Devotion at 11:30 am. Each week, we will give a challenging word from the Bible and invite anyone who isn't plugged into a church to visit with us on Sunday mornings. Come early and join us for a time of Inspiration.   


Every other Tuesday, a small group of our ladies meet together in our sanctuary from 10:30 am - 11:30 pm to pray for the needs of the church, our families and our community. If you would like to join the Ladies Prayer Group, call our church office at (601)442-3178 and ask which week it's being held. Come join the ladies and receive a blessing.  

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